Body Bike Optimization

  • 3D Analyze precision dynamic measurements hi tech cams (STT System) (en displegue: dynamic 3D test of body coordinates)
  • Advanced Functional Movement Screen (FMS) (en displegue: detection functional muscle deficit, muscle disbalance caused by overtraining o injury)
  • Test Range of Motion (ROM) (Angles hip flexion, hip mobility, knee flexion, back flexion)
  • Legs stability test / Balance (en displegue: balance capacity, motion movements control, muscle stability capacity)
  • Legs Power test with symmetric index (en displegue: dynamic power legs, difference between right and left leg, explosive power capacity, ratio weight vs power.
  • Saddle pressure analyze (e Wiva) (en displegue: points of pressure, distribution of pressure, pelvis rotation, bone displacement on saddle)