Do you suffer pain in the elbow region? Have you heard of the famous epicondylitis or tennis elbow?

Not only is an injury suffered by athletes who make efforts with racket, it is also a very typical injury in people who work with many repeated gestures of manipulation or with the mouse on the computer. This type of work requires a lot to the extensor muscles of the wrist and can cause a microtrauma lesion that causes subsequent degeneration with micro tears, inadequate repair processes and tendinosis.

This injury is very uncomfortable and usually causes pain at the point of insertion in the elbow and even drag it along the forearm with a very unpleasant tingling sensation.

It is very important to treat it in time, since, being a tendon injury, the longer we let the pain pass, the degeneration will be greater and could even cause work casualties or injuries that do not allow sporting during a season.

How can I solve this problem?

The most common solution that has been given in recent years is: rest and anti-inflammatory.

Anti-inflammatories have been scientifically proven to provide pain relief in the short term, but they do not address the source of the problem, they simply work on symptomatology. Like absolute rest it is not effective to eliminate this pain, if it is advisable to make a modulation of the load so as not to continue with the gestures that cause the injury, but the total rest of the muscles involved can only cause more weakness in that tendon body

There is scientific evidence that shows that physiotherapy, together with readaptative exercise, is the best solution to deal with this pathology.

Our work consists of a combination of manual therapy, work with WINBACK (tecarterapia), dry puncture and / or PID (only if necessary), neurodynamics, neuromodulation and work on the entire fascial and muscular chain of the epicondylar musculature.

With this work we will be able to realign the abnormal tendon collagen fibers, break small adhesions and scar tissue and also facilitate hypervascularization that will help the reparative process, which we will enhance with the action of tecarterapia.

Once we have improved the symptomatology (pain), we begin to correct those small gestures that have been able to injure us and, later, we strengthen that musculature and train it (readjustment) for the gestures that then you will have to repeat in your day to day being thus prepared for everything that comes to him without suffering that pain again.

Do not hesitate, consult our professionals and do not miss this pain, because it can cause a more serious injury that is much more complicated to solve

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