Five days where you have an immersion in professional athlete life. With all services include. We do different professional performance test, coordination, strength, flexibility (R.O.M.), balance and incremental test with Lactate and heartrate variability. Determinate your power profile, training zones and anaerobic threshold. We offer the last recovery technical with physiotherapist.
Enjoy on a professional period with transport to airport, hotel, meets and trainings as a professional rider. The weather is perfect, we have different climbs and you can ride with Alexander Kolobnev. Prepare your next objective in a stage that is created for you.


Airport pickup and arrive to Hotel (Jávea)
Bike Preparation (Mechanical)
Recovery ride (2h Flat) & Meeting with Staff


Strength Test, R.O.M., FMS (SyncroLab)
Lunch in hotel
2h Training ride. Intensity 65% FTP; include technical cycling with Alexander Kolobnev (sprints, attacks, positioning, etc)


Incremental Lactate Test (SyncroLab)
2h Training Ride. Intensity 80% FTP.
Lunch in Hotel
Functional training (SyncroLab)


Functional training (SyncroLab)
4h Training Ride with Alexander Kolobnev (+2500m)
Recovery and physiotherapist
Free evening
Meeting with Staff


Functional training (SyncroLab)
2h Specific Training ride with Alexander Kolobnev
Lunch in Hotel
Meeting & conclusion stage with Staff
Transport to Airport

Training Programs

We offer you an individualized and specific training service. Training plans based on field work experience and scientific evidence. We want you to learn to train with us. We analyze your training data and choose the optimal load and intensity to obtain the best results. Improving your performance requires a flexible and individualized training program, with an interaction between the coach and the constant athlete.

Body Bike Optimization

We carried out a biomechanical study of the cyclist in a global way. Determine your optimal position on the bicycle. We have the latest technology for the adjustment and analysis of your pedaling, using the 3D camera system together with the STT software to verify your position in the most individualized and accurate way possible. Also with the pressure sensors for your eWiva saddle we will determine the most efficient position possible. An individualized adjustment of your bike is possible, and will help you increase your performance.

Increase your comfort and minimize the risk of injury in road, mountain or triathlon cycling.


Sports nutrition is just as important as training. A good training plan can improve our performance if we accompany you with a nutritional strategy that supports it. Nutrition has to be a basic pillar of the amateur as well as the professional athlete, both in the selection of the correct foods, as well as the distribution of the macronutrients day to day.

Endurance Test

Analyze your performance with an incremental test of lactate and watts. Get an estimate of your VO2max. By means of the scientifically validated Tacx Neo roller, we will identify your thresholds and obtain your individualized training zones. You can compare the evolution of your performance during the season.