Low back pain is the most common condition in Europe, where 90% of the population has experienced or will experience an episode of low back pain throughout their life.

The management of low back pain is complicated and becomes a challenge for healthcare professionals, since the specific diagnosis of low back pain is not possible in addition to the fact that disability is NOT directly related to the problem or degree of deterioration. This is called nonspecific low back pain.

Today we know that not only a strain or a fracture produces pain. The variety of biopsychosocial factors contributes to the perception of the problem. By this we mean that it is not true that anatomically there is something wrong, perhaps the pain that lasts over time is due to other more complex processes.

Having said that, we know that low back pain is suffered by many people and in many cases for a long time …

¿So what can we do? ¿REST?? OPERATE???? ¿MEDICATE ????

There is a broad consensus that NON-PHARMACOLOGICAL measures are THE FIRST OPTION OF TREATMENT !! à PHYSIOTHERAPY !!

For thousands of years techniques have existed  that address this problem (massage, acupuncture, stretching, exercises) and now … we have scientific evidence that they work and what effects they produce!

Here at Syncrolab we use from the oldest techniques such as massage to the newest ones such as diathermy, ultrasound or neuromodulation. Besides that in our method we have the best partner, exercise!

To know your specific case and know how we can help you and what you can do, do not hesitate to ask for an appointment with our physiotherapist.

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