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We trust in the effectiveness of our method. We know that we will achieve every goal you set for us. With SyncroLab it is possible. What do you mean? Its peculiarity lies in the combination of professional training combined with a Fitness Boutique concept totally customized to go beyond the standard training routines.

What is SyncroLab?

Your Fitness boutique of conceptual training.

As a founder, I decided to combine all my years of professional experience and the knowledge I have accumulated, to apply them in a single training place for both professionals and amateurs of sport and fitness.

What makes SyncroLab different from a traditional gymnasium?

First. No weight machines!

The only “conventional machines” you’ll see in our center will be stationary bicycles, as our founder comes from the world of professional cycling. In addition, this type of sports practice is the least traumatic in fitness. To strengthen the musculature we will put at your disposal a very innovative technical team. We’ll work using the weight of your own body, transferring it to different planes.

Second. First Analyze, then Train!

We re-establish the basic patterns of movement and teach people to become aware of their own body by strengthening weakened muscle groups. This will allow you to exclude compensation and distortions during movements that are often the cause of pain and discomfort that cause injuries to muscles and joints, preventing them from functioning properly. Plus, you’ll gain flexibility and stability by synchronizing your body.

Third. Always by your side!

You will train under the supervision of a personal trainer. Our group classes will have a maximum of 8 users, as the North American Physical Fitness Association concluded, in a study conducted, that this is the maximum number of people under the optimal supervision of a coach.

Fourth. A plan that suits you!

The exercises are selected and combined in a preparation session, where an instructor will work with you. Each training session is divided into 4 main phases, characterized by different load and relaxation options. You can learn them during a trial session.

Fifth. Always Connected!

Thanks to our software and mobile application for clients, you will receive a daily report on your workouts and you will be able to observe the follow-up of your planning. In addition, you will have direct communication with the club and can book your own training sessions and physiotherapy treatment.

Sixth. Forget the monthly fees!

We will plan a specific training program adapted to your needs. We’ll train only what we need.

And seventh..... You really... you have to prove it!

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