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No weight machines!
Always by your side!
A plan that suits you!
Always Connected!

SyncroLab is a new comprehensive training concept dedicated to people interested in health and fitness regardless of their fitness level or age.

An exclusive space of unique design whose purpose is not only in the personal training, but that our partners/friends find a different space where to improve their health and physical condition. Or what is the same thing…


For the first time in Javea, SyncroLab brings together the concepts of Health, Fitness, Technology and Friends.

Its founders, AK…. projects in this center the importance and necessity of synchronized human movement, without compensations or alterations.
Syncro Lab site has a specific training facility that combines the body’s own weight and suspension to improve coordination and locomotive skills seeking reactivation and strengthening of inactive muscles. Our personal training sessions in small groups are designed to strengthen and tone the core and other muscles, including stretching and relaxation. As a result, we will be able to prevent and treat pain caused by muscular imbalances.
In SYNCROLAB our functional trainings start using CoRehab, advanced technology in valuation systems. Discovering limiting factors, skill levels, pre-existing problems and recording range limb mobility and muscle strength.
This will allow us to design customized programs, respecting the particularities of each person. And always avoiding the risk of injury.

Person-based training method

No protein shakes or energy bars, here you will find live and professional products ready to help you achieve your goals.

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