The SyncroLab Method

The SyncroLab method combines the concepts of Health, Fitness, Technology and Friends for the first time in Jávea.

Its founder, Alexander Kolobnev, has managed to capture in Syncrolab Fitness Boutique the need to synchronize body and mind. Its “Syncro” training method improves and builds new essential neuro-muscular connections to improve your movement patterns.

The SyncroLab team of professionals will examine your movement patterns to understand how and why your body moves in one way or another. Thanks to this initial assessment, you will get to know your body better and enter into connection with it. You will discover the limiting factors that keep you from feeling good every day.

No weight machines!
Always by your side!
A plan that suits you!
Always Connected!

Our work concept

In the Soul Room of its center SyncroLab has an innovative structure designed to train with the weight of your own body. It is essential, for starters, to correctly perform body movements. The Syncro method in combination with this structure allows you to improve your body awareness.

The next step will be to increase the intensity. Thanks to suspension training using your own body weight you can modify the intensity of the exercises by taking a simple step forward or backward. Your CORE zone will be the origin of all your movements.

From here, you will be part of the SyncroLab family and we will accompany you in the process of learning and physical improvement. We will design your way forward to achieve your goals and meet your needs. We want to take care of you and teach you to take care of yourself in the best way!

Person-based training method

No protein shakes or energy bars, here you will find live and professional products ready to help you achieve your goals.

SyncroLab is a new comprehensive training concept dedicated to people interested in health and fitness regardless of their fitness level or age.

An exclusive space of unique design whose purpose is not only in the personal training, but that our partners/friends find a different space where to improve their health and physical condition. Or what is the same thing…


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