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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

At Syncro Lab we want to give you the best, so we have opted for the latest and most efficient treatments, carried out by enthusiasts and specialized professionals, always starting from the basis of a correct diagnosis.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound scan

For a proper treatment, always the most important thing is a correct diagnosis. In this way, we can visually access the structures and see where the damage is located.

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Neuromodulation (NMPº)

You don’t know her, do you? It is currently the newest of invasive therapies and here we have it for you. By means of which we will be able to restore the normal nerve impulses of the affected areas, improving muscle functionality and eliminating pain.

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Percutaneous intratisular electrolysis

Also known as EPIº, therapy with which we will help the regeneration of affected tendons, ligaments or muscles, thus decreasing recovery times..

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Reaching where others cannot by means of diathermy,”deep heat” stimulating the body’s natural mechanisms of “self-repair” by favouring intra and extra-cellular exchanges, painlessly.

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Dry puncture

Dry puncture is a semi-invasive technique that uses acupuncture needles for the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome, trigger point syndrome.

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Laser Needle

Innovative painless and non-invasive concept for treatments in orthopaedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation, with the application of low power lasers.

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Game Ready

You’ve probably heard of it, since it has helped to recover the best athletes by integrating proven cold and compression therapies into a revolutionary treatment that sets a new standard in the care of post-surgical injuries and recoveries

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Normatec is an innovative muscle recovery system.

It eliminates metabolic waste and oxygenates the legs faster and more effectively while providing a relaxing massage to the muscles..

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All this is accompanied by the best hands at your disposal, using the different manual techniques both osteopathic and fascia (Poldº), in addition to electrotherapy, magnetotherapy and pressotherapy equipment.

Sports rehabilitation

Do what you like best again, but do it painlessly. Through the coordination of our professional team, we will help you to practice this sport that you love and passionate about. For this and for rehabilitation we also present you:
CoreHab, it is a new method of training and readaptation in Spain, they are 5 isoinertial sensors, which together with a platform with 320 pressure sensors, will help us to assess your joint mobility and stability, and based on the results we will select exercises to improve your results every day. Have fun getting better.

At the end of this process, a medical validation test will be performed to indicate whether or not you are fit for sport.
Let us accompany you on this path.


Sport Medicine


Tired of false diets? Don’t you know how to organize your diet? Are you preparing a test? Let us advise you, take care of your body and mind together.

Personal Training

Fulfill your goals, feel good, get the best version of yourself. We’re willing to help you, and you? Are you up for it? Here you will train with and as the best professionals, individually or in groups, whatever your objective.

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