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Five days where you have an immersion in professional athlete life. With all services include. We do different professional performance test, coordination, strength, flexibility (R.O.M.), balance and incremental test with Lactate and heartrate variability. Determinate your power profile, training zones and anaerobic threshold. We offer the last recovery technical with physiotherapist.
Enjoy on a professional period with transport to airport, hotel, meets and trainings as a professional rider. The weather is perfect, we have different climbs and you can ride with Alexander Kolobnev. Prepare your next objective in a stage that is created for you.

Day 1

Airport pickup and arrive to Hotel (Jávea)
Bike Preparation (Mechanical)
Recovery ride (2h Flat) & Meeting with Staff

Day 2

Strength Test, R.O.M., FMS (SyncroLab)
Lunch in hotel
2h Training ride. Intensity 65% FTP; include technical cycling with Alexander Kolobnev (sprints, attacks, positioning, etc)

Day 3

Incremental Lactate Test (SyncroLab)
2h Training Ride. Intensity 80% FTP.
Lunch in Hotel
Functional training (SyncroLab)

Day 4

Functional training (SyncroLab)
4h Training Ride with Alexander Kolobnev (+2500m)
Recovery and physiotherapist
Free evening
Meeting with Staff

Day 5

Functional training (SyncroLab)
2h Specific Training ride with Alexander Kolobnev
Lunch in Hotel
Meeting & conclusion stage with Staff
Transport to Airport

Training programs

The choice of training method for physical preparation and competition is independent and decisive.

Sport is to experiment specifically with your body in order to improve its efficiency

If you decide to experiment, do it in an appropriate way, accompanied by people who know how to analyze and write. In order to achieve physiological changes, it is necessary to moderate the load, not only in specific groups of certain muscles, but mainly in the whole physiology of the organism, as well as in the work of ligaments, joints, internal organs, glands, brain, etc.

The work of all body structures must be coordinated synergistically. Not only empirical knowledge is important, but also the practical application of scientific research in the field of sport physiology.

Let's get started

First of all, we have to focus on the objective. It must be very clear and achievable.
If you don’t know where to shoot, all the shots will be wrong.

We do not write standard plans. All individually, depending on the factors of personal training (days of the week, time of day, training time, route profile, climate and motivation).

The motivation to reach the goal is often extinguished. As in any activity, routine brings down the sense of advancement. It seems that everything is chewed up and everything is known, but there is no improvement. But in those moments it is important not to lose the lighthouse that would have illuminated where we had planned. This lighthouse must be a trainer, who has a clear and objective vision from the outside.

The Training Plan is divided into:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Season (short)
  • Annual (long)

It all depends on the trust you get from working together.

If we’re talking about triathlon training, then they should coordinate with running and swimming. It takes a long time. Therefore, I prefer to work initially with the coaches I know and I can contact them directly. Discussing mesocycles and microcycles, distributing the direction and load of the trains.

Each of us offers our own type of plan. Initially, I propose a plan that I review every 10 days, writing a plan based on what was done and the ability to train more.

You can try a basic plan, where trainings are written for 15 days with a possible change after 15 days, and the second approach is completed before the end of the month.

Either directly 2 months before competition, you can try to work with a closer contact, where trainings are reviewed every 3 days, we talk and retouch a new plan.

Prices planning athletic preparation


Minimum months

Calendar planning

Analysis of trainings

Modifications each

Call comunications

Dietary suplements


Pre Star breaffing


Cycling price

Triathlon price



15 days

15 days

15 days





7 days

10 days

7 days








3 days

3 days

3 days












On-Line Training Plan is a 4-week training plan to help you overcome this # Covid19. It has been designed to maintain shape by working at different intensities, always with the aim of making roller training as enjoyable and effective as possible. We will work easy, intermediate and demanding sessions that are a good training stimulus. It is distributed in 5 roller sessions and two 2 strength sessions, accumulating between 6 and 8 hours of training PER WEEK. It is designed for cyclists who already have a certain level.

The second day includes a 5 ’test to correctly establish the FTP and thus be able to follow the plan with the correct and updated training zones. At the end of the training plan, a week of discharge is recommended, as this will assimilate the work done and increase our performance. We ask you to fill out the form here

It is important to remember that preparation is not an hour’s work, but a long-term planning. We agree with the physiological changes in the body through moderate training loads.

What we do initially:

  • We create your profile
  • An interview
  • We defend epicrisis with all the data
  • TP Account
  • Registration of competitions and setting of objectives
  • The compilation of a calendar for the next period (taking into account movements and the opportunity to train).Esta disponible opcion de suporto nutricional.

Esta disponible opcion de suporto nutricional.

  • At least once a week weight in the morning before breakfast
  • Register HRV in the mornings
  • Contact in case of difficulty in understanding the task
  • Comments after training (feedback and TP metric data)
  • Health status, motivation (in metric data TP)

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Body Bike Optimization

Realizamos un estudio biomecánico del ciclista de forma global. Determina tu posición óptima en la bicicleta. Disponemos de la última tecnología para el ajuste y análisis de tu pedaleo,  mediante el sistema de cámaras 3D junto con el sofware STT para verificar de la  forma más individualizada y precisa  posible tu posición. Además con los sensores de presión para tu sillín eWiva determinaremos la posición más eficiente posible. Un ajuste individualizado de tu bicicleta es posible, y te ayudará a incrementar tu rendimiento.

Incrementa tu confort y minimiza el riesgo de lesión en ciclismo de carretera, montaña o en triatlón. 

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Physiological Test

Analiza tu rendimiento con un test incremental de lactato y watios. Obtén una estimación de tu VO2máx. Mediante el rodillo Tacx Neo validado cientificamente, indentificaremos tus umbrales y obtendrás tus zonas de entrenamiento individualizadas. Podrás comparar la evolución de tu rendimiento durante la temporada.